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During my surfing I saw lots of rape paysites and now i has done my own collection the best of the best!
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This real paysites listing created for all rape-lovers in the world.
WBR, LoveZero!

1 place rape paysite.


scream and cream

Scream And Cream

ScreamAndCream is the unique collection of forced sex where hundreds of hot girls get their pussies full of cum in the end - you won’t find that anywhere else!
Loads of crystal quality videos with sound not available anywhere else, thousands of photos and an extensive categorized story archive.
Cheerleader rapes, interracial orgies, Japanese beauties gangbanged against their will - this is what makes Scream And Cream the ultimate place for your wildest forced sex fantasies
Much more than any other forced site could offer!The largest forced sex stories library! And of course weekly updates with unique exclusive content!


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2 place rape paysite


FORCED FUCKERS is the ultimate extreme sex mega-site! The best content from the best sites, all collected under one roof.
Can't decide if you want RAVISHED BRIDES, VIOLENT ASIANS, UNIFORM DOMINATION? If you want it ALL, you will get it here. The best of the best! The most extreme of the extreme! The ultimate collection of forced sex, torture and domination awaits you at FORCED FUCKERS!


forced fuckers
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3 place rape paysite

forced witness


Imagine being made to watch as your loved ones are raped and tortured!
You are bound and gagged, powerless to help as they are force-fucked in every conceivable way. At FORCED WITNESS, this new and horrifying fantasy comes to life in hundreds of DVD-quality movies, tens of thousands of photos and hundreds of stories! You will be shocked by what you see and hear at FORCED WITNESS!


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4 place rape paysite


Since revolution Russia has been extremely dangerous place to live in. SEX was prohibited for over 70 years! RUSSIAN MEN WANTED TO FUCK! Now they are free to do what they want and they are going to take it anyway, even by force!
Now Russia is even more dangerous... ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN! Exclusive site with russian forced sex.


violent russian
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5 place rape paysite

raped brides

Ravished Brides

The darkest fantasy of all. Nothing is more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day. The perfect picture of innocence... until that innocence is violently shattered! Ravished Bride has thousands of video clips of brides brutally attacked and forced to commit acts of sexual deviation on their wedding day! Raped by the best man! Force fucked by the photographer... you will see gorgeous brides still in their white gowns screaming, with a stranger's cock forced into her ass just minutes before she is to walk down the isle. The darkest fantasy come to life..


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WBR, LoveZero!

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